COMMITTEE 2018 – 2019















Mrs Vinitha Savundranayagam

Mrs Anne Ignatius

Mrs Priyanthi Worthington

Mrs Sumathy Lawrence

Mrs Amirthini Santiapillai

Mrs Kamini Thayalanayagam
Mrs Subentha Saverimuthu

Mrs Malliga Baladasan,
Dr Sybilla Kumar
Mrs Vatsala Swampillai
Mrs Raji Kingsley

Dr Theresa Joseph
Mrs Malini Subramaniyam
Mrs Janet Aloysius
Dr Marina Benedict
Mrs Nirmala Bastian


Mrs Vinitha Savundranayagam. (Miss Vinitha Swampillai) Studied from 1962-1973. Later on once graduated she went back to teach GCSE O/Levels and A/Levels from 1980-1982. She was also a centre player on the netball team and band-lead in the school band.



Mrs Anne Ignatius (Miss Anne Anita Francis),  Studied from 1960-1975 and was a boarder from 1967-1975. She was elected as Evangelist House Captain in 1972/74.


Mrs Priyanthi Worthington (Miss Priyanthi Wijeyaratnam), Studied from 1973-1977



Mrs Sumathy Lawrence  (Miss Irani David), Studied from 1965-1975. She was a centre player on netball team and also band-lead in the school band.



Mrs Amirthini Santiapillai (Miss Amirthini Pius), Studied from 1972-1980. She was part of the netball team and participated in playing accordion and melodica for the school band.



Mrs Kamini Thayalanayaga (Miss Kamini Thayalaratnam), Studied from 1968 – 1975. She was a member of the school band and netball team.



Mrs Subentha Saverimuthu (Miss Subentha Pius), Studied from 1968-1975



Mrs Malliga Baladasan (Miss Malliga Saminather), Studied from 1953 -1964. She was elected Games Captain for Evangelist house in 1963.

Dr Sybilla Kumar (Miss Sybilla Sebastianpillai), Studied from 1968-1974 was a boarder under Rev Sr Brigette. Boarding head girl for 1973-1974 and entered medical college Peradeniya in 1974.



Mrs Vatsala Swampillai (Miss Vatsala Mahesan), Studied from 1971-1984. She was Captain of the school netball, basketball and volleyball teams, member of the school band, senior school prefect, and deputy head girl in 1983/84.

Mrs Benno Raji Kingsley (Miss Benno Raji Thanasingham), Studied from 1970-198I. She was elected Sebastian house Captain, was a Senior school prefect and Tamil Union Vice-President 1980/81. She was part of the school netball , volleyball and basketball teams as well as dance (bharatha-natiyam), school choir member, and a St.John’s Ambulance Cadet. 


23rd ANNUAL REUNION (27th April 2019)


President.Vinitha Savundranayagam
Chief Guest. Sr.Amirtha (Principal)
Vote of Thanks. Mrs Sumathy Lawrence